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Revelation 14 : The earth’s harvest

v14 Then I looked, and there was a white cloud. Someone who was like a man was sitting on the cloud. He had a gold *crown on his head and a sharp tool in his hand. People use those tools to cut down plants in the fields. They cut down the plants when their seeds are ready. v15 Then another *angel came out from God’s house. He shouted with a loud voice to the person who was sitting on the cloud. ‘Use your sharp tool and start to work. It is time to bring in the *harvest. It is time now. You must cut down the plants and bring them in. Your *harvest on the earth is ready.’

v16 Then the person who sat on the cloud moved his sharp tool over the earth. And he brought in the earth’s *harvest.

Verses 14-16 The person ‘like a man’ seems to be the *Lord Jesus. He brings in the ‘*harvest’ of people from all the earth. He will bring all the people together. And he will decide who is good. He will also decide who is bad.

v17 Another *angel came out from God’s house in *heaven. He also had a sharp tool in his hand. v18 Yet another *angel came from the special table where people offered gifts to God. This *angel had authority for the fire on the special table. And he shouted with a loud voice to the *angel with the sharp tool. ‘Use your sharp tool and cut the grapes from off the earth’s grapevine. The grapes are ready for you to bring in.’

A grapevine is a plant that climbs. It has small, sweet fruits that are called grapes.

v19 So the *angel moved his sharp tool over the earth and he cut the earth’s grapes. He threw the grapes into a very big hole where they make *wine. God was very angry with the *harvest of grapes. v20 The grapes were in the big hole outside the city. The *Lord Jesus walked on the grapes. Then blood came out of the hole. The blood rose as high as horses’ necks for as far as 300 kilometres.

Verses 17-20 God is showing how angry he is. He is angry with everyone who will not obey him. The ‘grapes’ are like a picture of bad people. At the time when John was writing Revelation, this is how people made *wine. They put the grapes in big holes that they had cut in the rock. Then they walked on the grapes, to break them. Pipes went out of the big holes. The red water from the grapes went out through the pipes. It was red like blood. So verses 19 and 20 are like a picture of how God will *punish his enemies.

Verse 20 See also chapter 19:15 and Isaiah 63:3.

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