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Revelation 14 : The three angels with messages

v6 Then I saw another *angel who was flying high in the sky. He brought God’s message of good news that is always true. He came to tell this news to everyone on the earth. He was telling it to people from every country, from every family group and from every language. v7 He spoke with a loud voice. ‘*Serve and obey God’, he said. ‘You should say how great God is. The time has come for him to decide about everyone on the earth. He will decide what is fair for them. *Worship him because he made the *heaven and the earth and the sea. He also made all the places where water comes up from the ground.’

v8 A second *angel followed the first one. ‘God has destroyed that powerful city Babylon’, he said. ‘That city is like a bad woman and God has destroyed her. She caused every country to do the bad things that she did. So, they do things that are against God’s rules. She enjoyed doing wrong things very much and all the countries have copied her. They are like people who all drink the same strong *wine. They are drunks.’

Verse 8 Babylon was the capital city of a country that was the enemy of God’s people, Israel, many years ago. Babylon had ruled many other countries. Rome city ruled when Jesus lived on the earth. Some people think that John is talking about Rome here. But ‘Babylon’ really means any place that is against God and his people in *spirit. That means any place where *Satan rules.

v9 A third *angel followed them and he spoke another message with a loud voice. ‘If anyone *worships the strange animal and its false god, God will be angry’, he said. ‘If anyone receives that animal’s mark on the front of their head or on their hand, God will be angry. v10 God will *punish all those people. They will be like people who must drink God’s *wine. But God’s *wine cup is full of very strong *wine. He has not mixed his *wine with any water, because he is very angry. God will cause those people to have very bad pain. Fire and *sulphur will burn them. God’s *angels and the *Lamb will watch them while they burn. v11 And the smoke will never stop rising while they burn. Because they *worship the strange animal and his false god, they will have no rest. They will have no rest during the day or during the night. Because they received the mark of the strange animal’s name, they will always have trouble.’

v12 This means that God’s people must go on being patient and strong. They must go on obeying God’s rules and they must go on believing in Jesus.

v13 Then I heard someone else speak from *heaven. ‘Write this down’, he said. ‘From this time, the *Lord’s own people who die will be very happy. Those people really believe the *Lord and they obey him’, he said. ‘Yes’, the Spirit answers, ‘they will rest from their work. And nobody will forget the good things that they have done.’

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