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Revelation 14 : The Lamb and the 144 000 people

v1 Then I looked again and there was the *Lamb. He was standing on Zion mountain and there were 144 000 people with him. Someone had written the *Lambís name and his Fatherís name on the front of those peopleís heads.

Verse 1 Zion is another name for Jerusalem, the capital city of Godís people, on earth or in *heaven.

v2 And I heard a sound from *heaven like the sound of many rivers that were moving very fast. It was a very loud noise, as in a storm. The sound that I heard was like many people who were making music with *harps. v3 The 144 000 people were singing a new song in front of the *throne. They sang in front of the 4 *beings that were alive and in front of the leaders. Nobody could learn this song except these 144 000 people from the earth that God had saved.

v4 These people have kept themselves clean in their *spirits, like men who have not had sex with bad women. They are like people who have never had sex. These people follow the *Lamb everywhere that he goes. They are those that God saved from among all people. They are the first people to offer themselves to God and to the *Lamb. v5 These people never said anything that was not true. They have done nothing wrong.

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