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Revelation 13 : The strange animal from the land

v11 Then I saw another strange animal that was coming up out of the land. It had two *horns like a *lambís *horns, but it spoke like the big snake. v12 It used all the authority of the first strange animal, on that animalís behalf. It caused all the people on earth to *worship the first strange animal. Someone had cut the first strange animal so much that it should have died. But it became well again.

v13 The second strange animal did great things that surprised people. It even caused fire to come down from *heaven to the earth. And everybody who was living on the earth saw the fire. v14 They believed what is not true. They believed because they saw these great things. The second animal had authority to do these things on behalf of the first strange animal. It spoke to the people who were living on the earth. It told them to make a god. They must *worship this false god that was like the first strange animal. A *sword had cut that animal, but it was alive. v15 The second strange animal received power. So, it caused the false god to seem to be alive. Then the false god could speak. ĎAnyone who refuses to *worship me must die!í it said.

v16 The second strange animal also caused everyone to receive a mark. They put the mark on their right hands or on the front of their heads. They put the mark on the powerful, important people and on the people who were not powerful. They put it on people who were rich or poor, or slaves or free people.

v17 Nobody could buy anything unless they had the mark. Nobody without the mark could sell anything. This mark is the first strange animalís name or its number, which means the same as its name.

v18 Here is a problem that you must think about carefully. Anyone who is clever should try to understand the strange animalís number. It is a human number. The number is 666.

Verses 11-17 The strange animal from the land seems to be like a false *prophet or a false Holy (Godís) Spirit. The Holy Spirit causes people to *worship Jesus. This second strange animal causes people to *worship the first strange animal. That first animal seems like a false Jesus. The *Devil is trying to be like God.

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