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Revelation 13 : The strange animal from the sea

v1 And the big snake stood on the seaís shore.

Then I saw a strange animal that was coming up out of the sea. The animal had 10 *horns and there was a *crown on each *horn. The animal also had 7 heads, and there was a bad name on each head. Those bad names were not polite to God. v2 The strange animal that I saw was like a leopard. But its feet were like a bearís feet and its mouth was like a *lionís mouth. The big red snake made the strange animal king in his place. The snake gave his own power and great authority to the strange animal.

Verse 2 A leopard is a big wild cat. It runs fast and it kills other animals. A bear is another big, strong animal that has thick hair all over it. It moves more slowly than a leopard, but it also kills other animals.

v3 Someone had cut one of the strange animalís heads. They had cut the animal so badly that it seemed to have died. But the strange animal had become well again and it was alive. This surprised all the people who were living on the earth. As a result, they thought that the strange animal was very great. They were ready to obey what it said. v4 People *worshipped the big snake because he had given his authority to the strange animal. They also *worshipped the strange animal. ĎNobody is like the strange animal!í they said. ĎNobody can fight against him!í

v5 The strange animal could use its authority for 42 months. It could say how important it was. Also, it could speak very bad words against God. God let it have this authority. v6 So the strange animal began to say many false things about God and about Godís name. It spoke bad words about the place where God lives. And it spoke bad words about those who live in *heaven. v7 It received authority to fight a war against Godís own people. It had authority to beat them. It received authority against people from every family group, from every country and from every language. v8 Not every person who lives on earth has their name in Godís book. All those without their names in Godís book will *worship the strange animal. That book says who will live with God always. It is the *Lambís own book. From the beginning of the world, the *Lamb was ready to die and they killed him.

Verses 1-8 The strange animal from the sea seems to be like a false Jesus Christ. People killed Jesus, but God caused him to become alive again. This strange animal makes people believe that it also became alive again after death. But it is the *Devil (the big snake) who gives the strange animal authority. He is against Godís people.

v9 Everyone who can understand should listen to these words:

v10 Anyone who must go to prison will go to prison.

If anyone kills another person with a *sword,

  someone will kill him like that too.

This means that Godís people must go on being patient and strong. They must go on believing God.

Verse 10 Godís people must believe that God knows best. He knows what must happen. Sometimes this is difficult for us to understand. This verse may also mean that Christians should not try to fight other people. We should not fight against them, but we must wait patiently. God has all authority. And we must agree with what he chooses to do.

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