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Revelation 11 : The last (seventh) trumpet

v15 The last (seventh) *angel with a *trumpet made a sound with it. Then there was the sound of loud voices in *heaven. They shouted:

‘Our *Lord and his Christ now have all authority to rule the world!

God will rule always!’

v16 The 24 leaders were sitting on their *thrones in front of God. And they threw themselves down on their faces and they *worshipped God. v17 They said this:

‘We thank you, *Lord God, because you have begun to rule!

You are alive now and you have always been alive.

You have all the power and you are using your great authority!

v18 The countries that do not know you were very angry.

But now you are showing that you are very angry with them.

You will decide what is fair for all the people who have died.

You will give your servants what they ought to have.

Your servants include the *prophets and everyone who really believes you.

Some of your servants are strong, important people,

  and some are not.

Now you will destroy all those who destroy the earth.’

v19 Then they opened God’s house in *heaven. And I saw God’s special covenant box inside it. Then there were the bright lights and loud noises of a storm. The ground moved a lot and much hard rain fell from the sky. It was just like stones falling.

Verse 19 A covenant is a very serious, special promise between two or more people or between people and God. Many years ago, God told Israel’s people to make a special box. He told them to keep the box in his special house. (See Exodus 25:10-22.) The box made them remember God. They remembered that God had promised to live among them. He had agreed to be their God if they would obey him.

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