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Jude : Jude tells the Christians what they must do

v17 But remember, my friends, what the *Lord Jesus Christís special teachers said before. They spoke about what would happen in future times. v18 They said this to you: ĎIn the last times, some people will think that God and Godís rules are not important. They will say that it is silly to obey God. They will not want to obey him. Instead, they will do whatever bad things they want to do.í v19 It is these people who cause you Christians not to agree with each other. They cause you to belong to separate groups. These people let the things that belong to this world rule them. They do what they want to do. They do not have Godís Spirit in them.

Verse 18 The Ďlast timesí is the time before Jesus returns to the earth.

v20 But you, my friends, have believed the message that comes from God himself. And you must do everything that you can to believe it more and more strongly. You must help each other to believe it. Let Godís Spirit lead you when you pray. v21 Always remember that God loves you. So you should love and obey him always. And you should love other people. Love like this while you wait for our *Lord Jesus Christ to come. He will cause you to live with him always, because he is so very kind.

v22 Some people are not completely sure whether Godís message is really true. You must be kind to those people and you must try to help them. v23 Some people are turning away from God and they are doing bad things. If they turn away completely, God will *punish them in the fire. So you must try to stop those people. Then you will save them, because you will pull them out of the fire.

Verse 23 See also verse 7. This describes how God *punishes bad people like this in the fire.

There are other people that you must try to help also. They are like people with very dirty clothes, because of all the bad, dirty things that they do. But you must be very careful, so that they do not lead you away from God. You must be careful like someone who will not even touch those peopleís dirty clothes.

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