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Jude : The false teachers are very dangerous

v12 When you Christians meet as friends to eat special meals together, these false teachers meet with you. But they come only because they want to eat and to drink. They do not think about God or about other people. They think about themselves only, and they are not ashamed about that. They are like dangerous rocks in the sea that a ship must stay away from. They are like clouds that bring no rain. The wind just carries those clouds along. They are like trees that have no fruit, even at the right season for fruit. People pull trees like that out of the ground. So it is like those trees have died twice.

Verse 12 It is not completely clear what the word for ‘dangerous rocks’ in this verse means. Instead of ‘rocks’, the word could mean ‘dirty marks’. So the false teachers are like dirty marks among the good, clean Christians at their special meals together.

v13 Those false teachers are like the water in the sea that moves very much during a storm. That water brings up a lot of dirt to the top of the sea. That dirt is like a picture of all the bad, dirty things that those people do. Those false teachers are like stars that have moved away from their proper places in the sky. So God has prepared a completely black, dark place for them, where they will have to stay always.

v14 Enoch belonged to the seventh (number 7) family that was born after Adam. Enoch spoke about people like these false teachers also. He said: ‘Look, the *Lord will come with thousands and thousands of his completely good *angels. v15 He will decide what should happen to all people. He will decide to *punish all the bad people who have refused to obey him. He will *punish them because of all the bad things that they have done against him. He will *punish them because of all the bad words that they have spoken against him.’

Verse 14 Enoch was a man who lived many, many years ago. He made God happy. (See Genesis 5:3-18, 24.) These words that Enoch wrote are not in the Bible. Enoch wrote them in a book called ‘The Book of Enoch’.

v16 These people are always saying that they themselves are not happy about things. They are always saying that other people have done things wrong. But they do whatever bad things they want to do. They speak great things about themselves, to show how important they are. But they say good things about other people only when they want something from those people.

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