The End of this World

An EasyEnglish Bible Version with Notes (1200 word vocabulary) on Isaiah chapters 24-27

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A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.

Isaiah wrote his book in the Hebrew language. Words in brackets, ( … ), are not in the Hebrew Bible.


About Isaiah chapters 24-27

Most English translations call the last book in the Bible, ‘Revelation’. Apocalypse is the Greek name of the book called Revelation. (Greek is a language.)  ‘Revelation’ means ‘things that somebody shows to us’. In the Book of Revelation, those things are about the end of the world. Some Bible students say that chapters 24-27 of Isaiah are also about the end of the world. They are sometimes called ‘little apocalypse’ because they are shorter than Revelation. What happened to ‘the country’ called Judah or Babylon will happen to the whole world. Bible students are not sure whether ‘the country’ means Judah or Babylon or somewhere else.

Chapter 24

Things that will happen to bad people

v1 Understand (this)! The *LORD will make the country empty and he will destroy it. He will destroy the ground. And he will move the people that live in it in all directions.

v2 It will be the same for (all these people):

·          the people and the *priest

·          the servant and his master

·          the girl that is a servant and her *mistress

·          the buyer and the seller

·          the lender and the *borrower

·          the person that has lent money and the person that has *borrowed money.

v3 (Enemies) will completely destroy the land. (They) will take everything from it. The *LORD says that (this will happen). (So it will happen.) v4 The land will be dry and it will die. The world will become weak and it will die. The important people in the country will become weak.

v5 The people that live in the country have made it dirty. (This happened) for these reasons:

·          They have not obeyed (God’s) rules.

·          They have changed (God’s) rules.

·          They have decided to forget (God’s) *covenant that will always be true.

v6 That is why a *curse is destroying the country. And the people that live in it are hurting. This is because they have done wrong things. (Something) burns the people that live in the country. Only a few of them remain.

v7 The *wine dries up and the *vine dies. The people that want to drink (the wine) are not happy.

v8 The happy sound of the *tambourine stops. The noise from parties has finished. The *harp does not make any happy music.

v9 People do not sing while they drink *wine. The beer does not taste nice to those that drink it.

v10 (Enemies) have destroyed the city (so that) it is without shape. (People) locked every house so that (the enemy) could not get in.

v11 People shout for *wine in the streets. Everybody that is happy becomes sad. Nobody in the country laughs.

v12 (Enemies) have destroyed the city. (They) knocked down the gates (of the city) and they destroyed them.

v13 This will happen through all the country and among (other) countries. They will be empty like an *olive tree that people hit. Or (they will be empty like a *vine) with a few *grapes (that people have) not picked.

The song of the few people that remain (verses 14-16a)

v14 These (are the people) that use their voices to shout aloud! From (the sea in) the west they say that the *LORD is great!

v15 So, in (the countries in) the east give *praise to the *LORD. (Give praise) to the *LORD God of Israel. (Give praise) from the islands in the sea.

v16a From every part of the country we hear songs that give *praise to the *Righteous One.

Isaiah’s sad song (verses 16b-23)

v16b But I said, ‘I have become thin and weak! I have become thin and weak! I am so sad! Bad people are doing bad things. Yes, the bad people are being really very bad!’

v17 People in the country, *terror, a big hole in the ground and a *trap will kill you!

v18 The person that runs away from the sound of *terror will fall into the big hole. A *trap will catch the person that climbs out of the big hole. (It will happen) because (someone has) opened the windows of the sky. Also, (they have) moved what is under the land.

v19 All this has completely broken the land. It has torn the land into pieces. It has moved the land very much.

v20 The earth walks like a man that is a drunk. It moves about like a *tent (in the wind). The wrong things that (the people in the country) have done feel heavy upon the country. So it will be like someone who falls down. And it will be like someone who never gets up again.

v21 On that day the *LORD will *punish (anything with) power in the skies above. And (he will punish) the kings on the land below.

v22 (The *LORD) will bring them together like *prisoners in a hole in the ground. He will lock them in a prison and after a long time he will *punish them.

v23 The white (light of the moon) will *disappear. And the heat (of the sun) will become cold. (This is) because the *LORD of Everything will be king on the hill called Zion. Then, his leaders in Jerusalem will see that he is very great.

Chapter 25

A song that gives *praise to God, because God killed the enemies

v1 *LORD, you are my God and I will give you *praise. I will say that you are very great. And I will give praise to your name, because you have done *wonderful things. You said long ago what you would do. And you have done it. (You were) honest and (your promises) were true.

v2 And you have broken the city into a hill (of stones). (You have) destroyed the strong city. The strong city that foreign people (live in) has gone. Nobody will build it again.

Verse 2 Bible students cannot be sure which city this is.

v3 So, a strong country will give you *praise. The city in a cruel country will be afraid of you.

v4 (This is) because you (*LORD) have made (your) poor people safe. (You have) made safe the people that needed (help) in their trouble. (You) hid them from the storm (and you were their) shade from the heat. The attack of the cruel people was like a storm that knocked against a wall.

v5 (And the storm was) like heat in a dry sandy place. You, (*LORD), stopped the noise of the *foreigners. The shade of a cloud makes less the heat (of the sun). In the same way, you took away the songs of the enemies. They thought that they had beaten us. (That is why they sang.)

v6 The *LORD of Everything will make a *feast for all people upon this mountain (in Jerusalem). It will be a feast of the very best meat, a feast with the very best *wine. (It will be a feast) of the very best meat that makes people strong. It will be a feast with the best wines.

v7 And on this mountain (the *LORD) will destroy the *shroud that covers all people. It is a shroud that is over every country.

v8 He will destroy death for always. The *LORD, my master, will dry the faces of everyone that has *tears (in their eyes). People will not feel ashamed again, over all the earth. This is what the *LORD has promised to do.

In verses 7 and 8, the word that we have translated ‘destroy’ means ‘swallow’. It is what happens to food after we eat it with our mouths.

v9 On that day they will say, ‘Look! This is our God! We have waited for him to come and to make us safe. This is the *LORD! We have waited for him. So we shall be happy, very happy, because he has saved us.’

v10 The power of the *LORD will stay on this mountain. And he will walk on the people from Moab as people walk on dead grass and animal dirt.

v11 And (the people from Moab) will put their hands into it. (They will be) like someone that puts out (his hands) to swim. But they will go down deep in the water, even if they are able (to swim) with their hands.

v12 And (the *LORD) will knock down their high, strong walls. He will throw them down. He will make them low and he will turn them into small bits of dry dirt on the ground.

Chapter 26

Another song that gives *praise to God

v1 In that day, (people) will sing this song in the country called Judah.

We have a strong city. (The *LORD) made walls inside and outside (the city), to make us safe.

In verse 1, the *Hebrew word for ‘safe’ that Isaiah used was ‘jeshuah’. This is the Hebrew word that we translate ‘Jesus’!

v2 Open the gates (of the city), so that the *righteous people can come in. (The righteous people) are those people that continue to believe (the *LORD).

v3 You, (*LORD), will make safe the person whose mind is always thinking about you. (You will keep him) safe, because he believes you.

v4 Always, always believe the *LORD! (Do this) because the *LORD, the *LORD is a (like a) Rock. He will always be alive.

v5 He brings down low the people that live in high places, in a city on tall (hills). He makes it low. He brings it down to the ground. He throws it into the dirt.

v6 Feet will walk on it. The feet of the poor people and of the weak people (will walk over it).

v7 The path that *righteous people walk on is flat. You, (*LORD), make clear the way of righteous people.

v8 Yes, *LORD, we wait for you in the path that your rules (point us to). In our minds, we want (everybody to know) your name. And (we want everybody to know) that you are famous.

v9 My mind wants you in the night time and my *spirit wants you in the morning. The people in the world will learn what ‘*righteous’ means. (This will happen) when you are ruling in the country.

v10 Bad people will not learn, if nobody *punishes them. (They will not learn) what ‘*righteous’ means. In a country where people are honest, (bad people) will continue to do bad things. They do not obey the rules of the *LORD.

v11 *LORD, you have lifted up your hand (to hit them), but they do not see it. (But one day) they will see that you really love your people. Then, I pray that they will become ashamed. I pray that fire will burn up your enemies.

v12 *LORD, you will keep us safe. Really, all that we have done, you have done on our behalf.

v13 *LORD, our God, other *lords than you have ruled over us. But only to your name do we give *praise.

v14 Now (the other *lords) are dead. They are not alive. Their *spirits have gone and they will not rise up (again). You *punished them and you killed them. You have done it, so that we do not remember them.

v15 *LORD, you have made the country larger. You really have made the country larger. You have received *praise for yourself. You have made all the edges of the country bigger.

v16 *LORD, they came to you when they had trouble. They prayed quietly to you when you *punished them.

v17 *LORD, we were with you, like a woman who would soon have a baby. Just before she had her baby (we were like her). We could not keep still and we cried with the pain.

v18 We were going to have a baby. We could not keep still and we cried with the pain. But we *gave birth only to wind! We have not made the earth safe. We have not killed the people in the world.

v19 But your dead (people) will live (again). Their bodies will rise up (from the *grave). Wake up! Shout because you are so happy, you (people) that live in the ground! (Shout), because your *dew is like the dew of the morning. The earth will give birth to the dead (people) in it.

v20 My people, go into your rooms and shut the doors behind you. Hide yourselves for a short time, until (the *LORD) is not angry.

v21 Look, the *LORD is coming out of his house. He will *punish the people on the earth because they have not obeyed him. The earth will show (him) the blood (that people) poured out on it. It will not hide any longer the (dead) bodies (that people have) killed.

Chapter 27

v1 In that day the *LORD will *punish *Leviathan. (The *LORD will use) his *sword. (His sword is) great, powerful and strong. (Leviathan is) a snake that moves quickly (in the sea). (It is) a snake that puts itself (round things). He will kill that great animal in the sea.

God will *guard his people

v2 ‘In that day, sing about a field where *vines are growing. It is full of fruit!

v3 I, the *LORD, will *guard it. I will continue to put water on it. I will guard it night and day, so that nobody will destroy it.

v4 I am not angry. If there was a *thorn or a *briar (in my field of *vines), I would march against it in a war. I would make fire out of (the thorns and briars).

v5 Or (the field) should come to me. I will make it safe. It should not fight with me. It should rest with me.

v6 The days will come when *Jacob will grow (like a plant) in the ground. Israel will grow and make flowers. They will fill all the world with fruit.’

God has a purpose when he *punishes people

v7 (The *LORD) has hit (those enemies) that hit (his people). He has hit (his people) like that. (The *LORD) has killed (those enemies). He has killed (his people) like that.

v8 (*LORD) you fought (against your people). You sent them into *exile. He made them go with a cruel wind. It was like a day when the east wind blows.

v9 This, then, is how Jacob will be sorry because of his *sins. And this will be the result when (God) has taken away (Jacob’s) sin completely. (The *LORD) will break all the *altar stones to pieces like chalk stones. (He will) not leave the *Asherah poles or *incense altars standing.

v10 Then the strong city will be empty. Everybody that lived there will leave it. It will be like a dry sandy place. Nobody will go there. Young cows will eat the grass and they will lie down there. They will eat everything on the branches (of the trees).

v11 When their branches become dry, people will break them off (the trees). The women will come and make fires with them. (This will happen) because these people do not understand things. So, their *Maker will not help them. Also, their *Creator will not be kind to them.

v12 And in that day (this) will happen. The *LORD will pick (fruit) from the River (Euphrates) to the stream of Egypt. So (the *LORD) will fetch you one by one, (you) sons of Israel.

We think that ‘the stream of Egypt’ means the River Nile.

v13 And in that day (this) will happen. (Someone) will make a sound on a great *trumpet. And people that are dying in the country called Assyria will come. Also, people in *exile in the country called Egypt (will come). They will *worship the *LORD in the mountain at Jerusalem.

Word List

altar ~ a table where people burn *sacrifices.

Asherah poles ~ a false god.

borrow ~ opposite of lend.

briars ~ bushes with *thorns. (Some people spell this word briers.)

covenant ~ here, what God and his people agreed to do.

Creator ~ name for God. It tells us that he made (created) everything.

curse ~ words that ask for something bad to happen.

dew ~ water that comes on to the ground during the night. It is not rain.

disappear ~ the opposite of appear.

exile ~ people that an enemy takes to another country are ‘in exile’. They are away from home. We also call these people ‘exiles’.

feast ~ a special meal with a lot of good food and drink.

foreigner ~ a person from a foreign country.

give birth ~ have a baby.

grapes ~ fruit that people use to make a drink with alcohol in it.

grave ~ a hole where people bury dead people.

guard ~ keep enemies away.

harp ~ you use your fingers to make music with a harp.

Hebrew ~ the language that the *Jews spoke.

incense ~ something that burns with a special, nice smell.

Jacob ~ perhaps another name for Israel, or the *Jews.

Jew ~ a person who is born from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their children.

Leviathan ~ a very big sea animal.

LORD ~ LORD is a special name of God. In the *Hebrew language it is YAHWEH. It may mean ‘always alive’. So LORD is a sign that the *Hebrew word is YAHWEH.

lord ~ lord means master; Lord is a name for God. It is not the same as *LORD.

Maker ~ a name for God, who made everything.

mistress ~ female master.

olive ~ a fruit that gives oil. People cook with this oil.

praise ~ say how good and great that somebody is.

priest ~ a special servant of God in his house (the *temple) in Jerusalem.

prisoner ~ someone that is in a prison, or someone who cannot run away.

punish ~ hurt somebody because they have done something wrong.

righteous ~ very, very good. Only God is really righteous. He is called ‘The Righteous One’.

sacrifice ~ something that people give to God; sometimes they kill and burn an animal.

shroud ~ cloth over a dead body.

sin ~ what we do when we do not obey God; or, we sin when we do not obey God.

spirit ~ the part of a person that is alive, which we cannot see; it can speak to other spirits; there are spirits that we cannot see; they can be good or bad.

sword ~ a long knife that soldiers used to kill people.

tambourine ~ a tambourine makes music when you hit it.

tears ~ the water that comes from our eyes when we cry.

temple ~ like a large church. The Temple in Jerusalem was the House of God.

tent ~ a house that people make from animal skins, like goats’ skins.

terror ~ what you feel when you are very much afraid.

thorn ~ a bush with sharp points on its branches.

trap ~ something that catches an animal.

trumpet ~ you use your mouth to make music with a trumpet.

vine ~ a plant which climbs. Its fruits are called grapes. People use grapes to make *wine.

wine ~ a drink that people make from *grapes. It contains alcohol.

wonderful ~ something so beautiful that you think, ‘That is great!’

worship ~ tell someone that they are very great; and tell them that you love them.

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