Jesus is the Only Way to God

An EasyEnglish Version with Notes (1200 word vocabulary) of the letter to the Hebrews

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The word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.


About the letter to the Hebrews

Chapter 1

God has spoken by his Son, Jesus

Godís Son is greater than the *angels

Chapter 2

Jesusí message is greater than the *angelsí message

Jesus became like us to save us

Chapter 3

Jesus is greater than Moses

A place where Godís people can rest

Chapter 4

We can go in to rest if we believe

Jesus is our great *chief *priest

Chapter 5

We must be careful that we do not go away from Christ

Chapter 6

We must not turn away from Jesus

Godís serious promise

Chapter 7

Melchizedek, the king and *priest

Jesus is a different kind of *priest, like Melchizedek

Chapter 8

Jesus is our *chief *priest who makes a better *agreement from God possible

Chapter 9

The old *agreement and Godís special *tent on earth

Christ and the new *agreement

Christís death is a better *sacrifice

Chapter 10

Christ made it possible that we can come near to God

We must not refuse to obey Christ

Chapter 11

We must believe God

Chapter 12

We must continue to follow Jesus

We are really Godís children

We must not refuse to do what God says

The two mountains

Chapter 13

How we can live for God

Word List


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