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Hebrews 9 : Christ and the new agreement

v11 But now Christ has appeared. He is the *chief *priest of the good things that have come. He works in a greater and much better *tent. No man made that *tent because it does not belong to this world. v12 Christ went into its Most *Holy Room once, for all time. He did not offer the blood of goats and young cows when he went in there. He offered his own blood after he died. He made us free from everything that we do wrong. He has made us free always. v13 The people were not clean enough to *worship God. The old rules said that the *priest must make their bodies clean again. He must use the blood of goats and male cows. He must cause that blood to drop like rain on them. He must also burn a young cow and he must use the ashes on the people. And then those peopleís bodies became clean again.

Verse 13 Numbers 19:1-22 describes how the ashes of a young, red cow could make people clean for God.

v14 But Christís blood will do much, much more than this! Godís Spirit, who lives always, made it possible for Christ to offer himself to God. Christ was a completely good *sacrifice, without anything wrong. He offered his own blood to make us completely clean inside ourselves. The wrong things that we have done lead to death. But he will cause us to stop thinking about the wrong things that we have done. So then we can work for the God who is alive. v15 So Christ brings a new *agreement from God. Christís death made people free from the wrong things that they had done during the time of the first *agreement. So now, the people that God chooses can receive from him. They can receive the good things that he has promised for always.

v16 Before a person dies, he may make an *agreement about all his own things. That *agreement says who will get his things after his death. But nobody can get anything until that person has certainly died. v17 An *agreement like that only means something after the death of the person who made it. It has no power while that person is still alive. v18 That is why even the first *agreement with God needed blood from a death. The *agreement could not work without that blood.

v19 Moses read Godís rules aloud to all *Israelís people. He told them every rule that God had given them. Then Moses killed some young cows and goats. He took some of their blood and he mixed it with water. He used sheepís hair that people had made red. He used also some small branches of a plant called hyssop. He used the sheepís hair and the hyssop to throw the blood. He caused the blood to drop like rain. He caused some of the blood to drop on to the book of Godís rules. And he caused some to drop on to all the people. v20 And Moses spoke to them. ĎThis is the blood of the *agreement that God has told you to obeyí, he said. v21 In the same way, Moses put some of the blood on Godís special *tent. He also caused blood to drop on to all the things that the *priests used in their work there. v22 Godís rules say that blood is necessary to make almost everything clean. And God will not *forgive people unless a death gives the blood.

Verses 18-20 Exodus 24:3-8 describes the events that these verses are talking about.

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