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Hebrews 7 : Jesus is a different kind of priest, like Melchizedek

v15 What we have said becomes even clearer now. Another kind of *priest has appeared, who is like Melchizedek. v16 Jesus did not become a *priest because of rules about which family he came from. He became a *priest because of his powerful life. Nothing can ever destroy that life. v17 The Bible speaks about him as a *priest:

  ‘You will always be a *priest,

just like Melchizedek’, the Bible says.

[Psalm 110:4]

v18 So the old rules have come to an end now. They could not really do anything good, so they were not really worth anything. v19 God’s rules that he gave to Moses could not make anything completely right. But God has brought us something better to hope for. And because we hope for it, we can come near to God.

v20 Also, God promised very seriously when he made Jesus a *priest. He did not promise anything when other men became *priests. v21 But Jesus received God’s very serious promise because God spoke to him like this:

  ‘The *Lord has promised seriously,

and he will not change his mind.

  You will always be a *priest.’

[Psalm 110:4]

v22 So this means that Jesus shows us a much better *agreement from God. God has promised us much better things than the old rules could give us. And Jesus makes us completely sure that we will receive these things.

v23 There were many of those other *priests, because each one died. Then they could not continue to work as *priests. v24 But Jesus will always be alive, so he will never stop being a *priest. v25 Jesus always lives to pray to God on our behalf. So, he can completely save everyone who comes to him. He will lead them to God.

v26 Jesus is the kind of *chief *priest that we really need. He always obeys God. He has never done anything wrong. He is completely good and clean. He is separate from everyone who does wrong things. God has raised him to the most important place in *heaven. v27 Jesus is not like any other *chief *priest. They need to offer *sacrifices to God every day. First they offer *sacrifices for the things that they themselves have done wrong. Then they offer *sacrifices on behalf of the other people, for all the wrong things that the people have done. But Jesus offered one *sacrifice for all time. He gave himself. v28 Moses’ rules make men *chief *priests. And because those men are human, they can do wrong things. But God’s very serious promise came after the rules that God gave to Moses. God promised his Son that he would be a *chief *priest always. And his Son has become everything that God wants him to be, completely and for always.

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