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Hebrews 7 : Melchizedek, the king and priest

v1 This Melchizedek was the King of Salem. And he was a *priest of God himself, who is greater than everything. Melchizedek met Abraham when Abraham was returning from a fight. Abrahamís men had just beaten 4 kings with their armies. And Melchizedek asked God to be good to Abraham. v2 Also, Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth part of everything that he had won in the fight. The name ĎMelchizedekí means ĎKing of everything that is rightí. And his other name, ĎKing of Salemí, means ĎKing of everything that is without trouble or warí. v3 Nobody wrote down that Melchizedek had a father or a mother. Nobody wrote down that he had any grandfathers. Nobody wrote about the beginning of his life and nobody wrote about the end. Melchizedek is like the Son of God. He continues to be a *priest always.

Verses 1-3 Genesis 14:18-20 describes the time when Melchizedek met Abraham.

Verse 2 A tenth part is one part out of every 10 parts.

v4 Now think about how great this man, Melchizedek, was! Even Abraham, the grandfather of all *Israelís people, gave gifts to Melchizedek. Abraham gave him a tenth part of everything that he had won in the fight. v5 Men from Leviís family group who become *priests must take a tenth part from all their own people. The *priests receive a tenth part of what the other people of *Israel have. Godís rules say that. But those *priests and the other people are like brothers, because they all come from Abrahamís family. v6 Melchizedek did not come from Leviís family. But he received a tenth part of what Abraham had. Abraham had received Godís promises. But Melchizedek asked God to be good to Abraham.

v7 It is always the more important person who asks God to be good to a less important person. Everybody knows that this is true. v8 *Israelís *priests receive a tenth part of what their people have. But those *priests die. Melchizedek received a tenth part from Abraham, but Melchizedek will always be alive. The Bible tells us that. v9 So, by the *priests in his family, Levi gets the tenth part from the people. But we could say that, by Abraham, Levi also paid a tenth part to Melchizedek. v10 This is because Levi was Abrahamís grandson. Levi was not yet born when Melchizedek met Abraham.

Verses 5-10 All the men from Leviís family had to *serve God in his house. But only those men from Leviís grandson Aaronís family could become *priests. (See Numbers 1:50 and Exodus 28:1.) All *Israelís people had to give a tenth part of what they had to the men from Leviís family. Then all the other men in Leviís family gave a tenth part of this to the *priests. (See Numbers 18:21-32.)

v11 The *priests from Leviís family were a necessary part of the rules that God gave to *Israelís people. But those *priests could not make the people completely right with God. So the people needed a different kind of *priest to come. They needed a *priest like Melchizedek, not someone else from Aaronís family. v12 And when there is a change in the kind of *priest, there must also be a change in the rules. v13 The Bible speaks about our *Lord as a *priest (Psalm 110:4). But he belonged to a different family group from Leviís. Nobody else from our *Lordís family group ever worked as a *priest. v14 It is completely clear that our *Lord came from Judahís family. Moses said nothing about men from Judahís family group being *priests.

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