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Hebrews 6 : God’s serious promise

v13 For example, God spoke a promise to Abraham many years ago. And because there was nobody greater than God himself, God used his own name. His name caused the promise to be very serious. God would certainly do what he had said. v14 ‘I will certainly be good to you’, God said. ‘And I will give you many children and many, many grandchildren’, God promised [Genesis 22:17]. v15 Abraham waited patiently for a long time. And then he received what God had promised.

Verses 13-15 Abraham and his wife wanted a son. But they could not have a child, and they were becoming too old. Then God promised to give Abraham a son, and many grandchildren. (See, for example, Genesis 12:2; 13:16; 15:4.) And Abraham believed what God said.

v16 When a person promises something very seriously, he uses the name of someone or something greater than himself. This shows that he will certainly obey his promise. Then nobody can argue about it. v17 God wanted to show even more certainly that he would never change his purpose. He wanted his people to know this clearly. They would certainly receive what he had promised. So, God spoke his promise and he used his own name. This showed that his promise would certainly happen. v18 These two facts cannot change. God can never say something that is not true. And these two facts cause us to feel strong and sure. We are like people who have run to God. We have run to God so that he can keep us safe. So, we must continue to hope strongly for what God has promised us.

v19 We can be completely sure about what we hope for. God is like something really strong that does not move. When we hope, we fix our lives in God. We fix our lives like an *anchor stops a boat moving away. The *anchor holds that boat safely in the same place. When we hope, we reach behind the special curtain in God’s house in *heaven. We reach into the Most *Holy Room. v20 Jesus has already gone in there. He has gone before us, on our behalf. He has become our *chief *priest for always and he is a *priest just like Melchizedek.

Verse 19 Every boat has an *anchor, which is a heavy metal weight. The *anchor is on the end of a strong line that the sailors fix to the boat. They throw the *anchor into the water to stop the boat. The *anchor fastens into the ground under the water. Then the boat is safe, because it cannot move. We can be like that boat when we really believe Jesus. We can be completely sure about what God has promised us. God has promised us great things because of Jesus.

Verses 19-20 God told *Israel’s people to build a special house where they could *worship him. Behind a curtain in that house there was a Most *Holy Room, where God himself came. Only the *chief *priest could go into that room, on one special day each year. (See Leviticus 16:2 and Hebrews 9:7.) But that special house was like a picture of what is really true in *heaven. Jesus is our *chief *priest. When he died, God tore that curtain into two pieces. (See Matthew 27:51.) This showed that Jesus had opened the way to *heaven for us. Jesus lets us come to God. (See also Hebrews chapters 8 and 9.)

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