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Hebrews 6 : We must not turn away from Jesus

v4 People who choose to turn away from Christ cannot come back to him. That is impossible. They once came into Godís light. So they know what is true. They have really begun to know the good things that come from *heaven. They have received the *Holy Spirit. v5 They have learned how good Godís message is. They have seen that the future world is very powerful. v6 But after all that, they turn against God! So it is impossible for them to come back to Christ again. Nobody can really help them to turn to Christ again. They are just like the people who fixed Jesus to a big cross. It is like they are killing the Son of God again themselves. They are ashamed of Christ in front of everyone.

v7 Think about a field where God sends rain often. That ground can cause the plants in it to grow well for the farmer. Then the farmer can use those plants. v8 But a field where only weeds like thorns and thistles grow (plants with many sharp, hard points) is worth nothing. There is a danger that God will call that ground very bad. The farmer will burn that field.

v9 We love you, good friends, and we are still sure about you. We speak like this, but we believe better things about you. God has saved you. And we are sure that you will continue with him. You will go on doing everything that Christians should do. v10 God is always right and fair. He will not forget how much you love him. He will remember how you helped his people. And you are still helping them. v11 But we want each one of you to continue to the end. You must show that you really want to go on. Then you will be sure about what you hope for at the end. v12 We do not want you to become lazy. You must copy the example of those people who continue believing God. They go on being very patient. And so, they receive what God has promised.

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