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Hebrews 4 : Jesus is our great chief priest

v14 We have a great *chief *priest, who has gone into *heaven. He is Jesus, God’s Son. We have said that we believe him. So we must continue to believe him strongly. v15 We have a *chief *priest who understands us. He knows how weak we are. The *Devil tried to make him do all kinds of wrong things. So, Jesus understands all the wrong things that we might do. But he never did anything wrong himself. v16 So, when the *Devil tries to make us do wrong things, we can ask God to help us. We can come bravely to God, who is our King. He will be very kind and very good to us. He will give us everything that we need.

Verse 16 Jesus died on behalf of us and now he is with God in *heaven. So, we can come to God and we can pray to him. We do not need to be afraid, because Jesus is there. We can ask God to help us. And we can be sure that he will help us very much.

Verses 15-16 The *Devil is the bad *spirit who wants to be God. He is the ruler of bad *angels and of everything that is bad. He is the enemy of Christians.

Chapter 5

v1 God has chosen each *chief *priest from among *Israel’s people. That *priest’s work is to *serve God on behalf of all the other people. The *chief *priest offers gifts and *sacrifices to God. The people give those gifts and *sacrifices to him because they have done wrong things. v2 That *priest himself may often make mistakes, because he is human. So, he can understand other people who make mistakes. He can be kind to people who do silly things. v3 The *chief *priest offers *sacrifices to God for everything that people do wrong. But he must give *sacrifices to God for himself too, because he can do wrong things also.

v4 Nobody decides to be a *chief *priest by himself. God must choose him, just as God chose Aaron.

Verse 4 Aaron lived many years before this time and he was the first *chief *priest for *Israel’s people. He was Moses’ brother. (See Exodus 28:1-4 and 1 Chronicles 23:13.)

v5 It is the same with Christ. He did not choose himself to do this important work. He did not choose to be a *chief *priest. God chose him. God said to him:

  ‘You are my Son.

Today I have given you the *honour that goes with that name.’

[Psalm 2:7]

v6 And in another place in the Bible God says this:

  ‘You will always be a *priest,

just like Melchizedek.’

[Psalm 110:4]

Verse 6 Melchizedek was a *priest and a king who met Abraham many years ago. (See Genesis 14:18-20.) Chapter 7 of Hebrews explains more about Melchizedek.

v7 When Jesus lived on earth as a man, he prayed loudly to God. He cried very much while he asked God to help him. He prayed strongly to God, who could save him from death. Jesus *served and obeyed God. So God heard what Jesus said to him.

Verse 7 In this verse the writer remembers when Jesus prayed in the garden. Jesus knew that he would die soon. He was very sad. He asked his Father to make him strong. And God did what Jesus asked. (See Luke 22:41-44.)

v8 Jesus is God’s Son. But he still learned what it is like to obey God. He learned because he had trouble and pain. v9 And as a result, Jesus is the only person who can save us. He saves us for all time from the results of what we do wrong. He saves all those people who obey him. v10 God has called Jesus the same kind of *chief *priest as Melchizedek.

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