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Hebrews 2 : Jesus became like us to save us

v5 God did not choose *angels to rule over the world that will come. And that world is what we are talking about. v6 But God has included in the Bible the words that follow. They are certainly true:

  ‘Men and women do not seem very important, *Lord,

but you think about them.

  They are only human people,

but they matter to you.

  v7 You made them less important than the *angels

for a short time.

  But then you made them great and powerful, like kings.

  v8 You caused them to rule completely over everything.’

[Psalm 8:4-6]

It says that God has caused people to rule over everything. So there is nothing that people do not have authority to rule over. We do not see people rule over everything yet. v9 But we do see Jesus! God made him less important than the *angels for a short time. And now God has made him the great and powerful king because he died. God is so very kind, that he sent Jesus to die on behalf of all people.

Verse 9 The writer is saying that the words from Psalm 8 (in verses 6-8) are speaking about Jesus. The writer shows us many words from the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible) like this.

v10 God made all things for himself and he causes all things to continue. God’s purpose was to bring many people to himself. He wanted them to live with him always as his children. Jesus leads us to God. He saves us from the results of everything that we do wrong. God had to let Jesus have trouble and pain in this world. He caused Jesus to become everything that was necessary to save us. v11 Jesus makes people completely good and clean inside themselves. Both Jesus and all the people that he makes good and clean have the same Father. So, Jesus is not ashamed to call all those people his brothers and sisters. v12 He says this to God about it:

  ‘I will speak loudly about you to my brothers and sisters.

  When all your people meet together,

I will sing songs to you.

I will say how great you are.’

[Psalm 22:22]

v13 He also says this:

  ‘I will believe that God will help me.’

[Isaiah 8:17]

He also says this:

  ‘Here I am, with the children that God has given me.’

[Isaiah 8:18]

Verse 12-13 Again the writer takes words from the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible) to speak about Jesus. They show that Jesus thinks about us as his family. He became human, like us. As a man, Jesus had to believe that God would bring him through great trouble, and death.

v14 So Jesus speaks about people as his children. And because we all have human bodies, Jesus himself became human like us. So then he died to destroy the *Devil and the *Devil’s power over death. v15 We were like slaves all our lives because we were so afraid of death. But Jesus has made us free. v16 It is clear that Jesus did not come to help the *angels. He came to help all those people who are Abraham’s family. Those people really believe God, like Abraham believed him.

Verse 14 The *Devil is the bad *spirit who wants to be God. He is the ruler of bad *angels and of everything that is bad. He is the enemy of Christians.

Verse 16 Abraham was the grandfather of *Israel and of all *Israel’s people. He chose to believe God, even when that was very difficult. So, he is also like the father of everyone else who really believes God. (See Chapter 11:8-12, 17-19 and Genesis 15:1-6.)

v17 For this reason, Jesus became completely like us, because we are his brothers and sisters. He became our kind, *chief *priest, who understands us. He always obeys God and he *serves God on our behalf. Jesus died so that God could *forgive us. God needs to *forgive us for everything that we do wrong. So Jesus has brought us near to God. v18 The *Devil (God’s enemy) tried to make Jesus himself do wrong things. But Jesus did not do anything wrong because he never stopped obeying God. So now, he can help us not to do wrong things.

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