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Hebrews 2 : Jesusí message is greater than the angelsí message

v1 So we ought to be very careful. We must continue to remember the true words that we have heard. Then we will not go in the wrong direction, away from God. v2 The message that God spoke by *angels was certainly powerful. God *punished people when they did not obey his rules. It was right that he *punished those people.

v3 So we must think even more about how God saved us. He has done great things for us. If we forget those things, we cannot get away from God. He will certainly *punish us. The *Lord Jesus himself first told everyone that God would save people. And then the people who heard him told us. They showed us that this message was certainly true. v4 God also showed that this message was true. He did all kinds of great and powerful things that surprised people. He also gave people gifts by the *Holy Spirit, as he chose.

Verse 2 The Bible says that an *angel had spoken Godís rules to Moses on Sinai mountain many years ago. (See Exodus 19 and 20, Acts 7:38, 53 and Galatians 3:19.)

Verse 3 The writer wrote this letter only 30-40 years after Jesus died. The writer, and the Christians that he was writing to, had heard about Jesus from other people. But those other people had met Jesus himself. They had listened to him while he taught them.

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