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Hebrews 1 : God has spoken by his Son, Jesus

v1 Many years ago, God spoke to our grandfathers (*Israelís people) by the prophets (people who spoke Godís messages). He spoke many times and in many different ways. v2 But in these last times, he has spoken to us by his Son. In the beginning, God made the whole world and everything that there is by his Son. And God has chosen that everything should be his Sonís. v3 The Son shines with the bright light that comes from God. The Sonís nature is a copy of Godís nature. He shows us completely what God is like. The Sonís powerful word causes everything in the world to continue. The Son himself made it possible for us to be clean from everything that we do wrong. After he had done that, he sat down in *heaven. He sat at the right side of God, who is the greatest ruler, with all authority.

Verse 3 Jesus sits Ďat the right side of Godí. The right side (or right hand) is like a picture of the most important place. This means that Jesus rules with the same power and authority as God himself.

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