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Hebrews 12 : We must continue to follow Jesus

v1 So then we ourselves know about all these people who believed God. They are our examples. They are like a very big crowd all round us. They show us how we can live for God. We must be like people who run in a *race. We want to run fast in the *race. So, we must throw away everything that would stop us. We want to live for God. So, we must refuse wrong things that stop us. Those wrong things can so easily hold us strongly. But we must continue to be brave and strong while we run the *race. God has chosen the way that is in front of us.

Verse 1 A *race is when people all run at the same time on a certain path. Their purpose is to reach the place where the *race finishes. That is the most important thing. Our lives as Christians on earth are like a *race. The writer does not mean that Christians should want to be first. They should not be trying to see who is the ‘fastest’ (the best Christian). It does not matter whether they are the first to finish. But it is very important that each of us finishes the *race. We must never stop obeying God. Then, when we have left this earth, we will always be with him.

v2 We must always think about Jesus, like people who go on looking at him always. He is the example of someone who believes God completely. He leads us and he will cause us to believe completely. Jesus died on a cross that people had made from wood. He had a lot of pain and people were very ashamed of him. But he refused to think about that before he died. He knew that God had chosen the way for him. He knew that God had chosen to make him very, very happy later. And now he sits in the most important place next to where God sits as king. v3 Think carefully about Jesus. Bad people did such very bad things against him, but he continued to be brave and strong. Think about him, and then you will not become tired and weak as Christians.

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