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Hebrews 10 : We must not refuse to obey Christ

v26 We have learned what is really true. We have believed it. So now, we must not decide to continue doing wrong things. There is no other *sacrifice that will take away those wrong things. v27 There is only *punishment that will make us very, very afraid. We must wait for God to decide about us. But the *punishment would be the very hot fire that destroys people. That fire destroys everyone who refuses to obey God. v28 Anyone who refused to obey Mosesí rules had to die. Two or three other people may have seen that person do something wrong. They had to say that the person certainly did something wrong. Then *Israelís people had to kill that person. They could not be kind to a person like that.

Verse 28 *Israelís people could not *punish someone unless that person had certainly not obeyed Godís rules. At least two other people had to show that he had not obeyed. (See Deuteronomy 17:6 and Numbers 35:30.)

v29 So think about a person who refuses the Son of God. How much worse that personís *punishment will be! He is like someone who has walked on Godís Son. That person has made Christís blood and Godís *agreement seem like something dirty. But it was Christís death that made that person clean and right with God. That person has said very bad words against Godís Spirit, who is so very kind. v30 We know God. And God said this: ĎI will *punish people for what they have done wrong. I will give them what they ought to have.í [Deuteronomy 32:35] He also said this: ĎThe *Lord will decide what is fair for his people.í [Deuteronomy 32:36] v31 So anyone who refuses God should be very, very afraid. God, who is alive, will certainly *punish that person.

v32 Remember what happened to you in those early days when you first learned about Christ. Then you had a difficult fight against many troubles. But you continued to be strong. v33 Sometimes people made you ashamed in front of many other people. They said bad words to you and they did bad things to you. And at other times, you chose to stay with other Christians who were receiving this kind of trouble. v34 You felt the trouble together with those who were in prison. When people took your own things away, you were still happy. You knew that you yourselves had something better. You had better things that will be yours always.

Verse 34 People who were enemies of these Christians had taken away the Christiansí own things. But nobody can take away what God has given to Christians. God had *forgiven these Christians because of Jesusí *sacrifice. And he had given them new lives, with a new purpose. They knew that they would always live with God.

v35 So do not stop being sure about what you believe as Christians. If you continue to be brave, you will receive great things. v36 You need to be patient and strong. Then you can do what God wants. As a result, you will receive what God has promised. v37 God promises this in the Bible:

  ĎIn a very short time,

the person who is coming will come.

  He will not be late, the *Lord said.

  v38 The person that I have accepted will live.

Those people will live because they believe me.

  But if any of them turn back,

I will not be happy with them.í

[Habakkuk 2:3-4]

v39 But we are not among those people who turn back. If we were, God would destroy us. But we are people who believe God. And so, God will save us.

Verse 37 These words from Habakkuk mean that Jesus will come back to earth soon.

Verse 38 Here the writer of Hebrews has put the last part of Habakkuk 2:4 first. He is showing the Christians that they must go on believing God. That is very important for all of us.

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