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Hebrews 10 : Christ made it possible that we can come near to God

v19 So then, Christian friends, we are completely free to go into the Most *Holy Room. We can be sure that we can go in there, because of Jesusí death. v20 Jesus has opened a new way to God for us. This way leads us through the curtain to God, where we will be alive. Jesus opened this way when he gave his own body. v21 And we have a great *priest who is the master of Godís house. v22 So when we come near to God, we must believe him completely. We must want only to obey him. He has made us clean deep inside ourselves so that we are free. We are free to stop thinking about the wrong things that we have done. We are really clean. It is like he has washed our bodies with clean water.

Verses 19-20 Again, the writer is using Godís special *tent as a picture of what is really true in *heaven. Jesus died instead of us, because of everything that we do wrong. God has accepted Jesusí *sacrifice. So now, we do not need to be afraid when we come to God. We can come near to him and we can talk to him. He will not *punish us. We are like people who can come into the Most *Holy Room in the special *tent. God is present there.

Verse 22 God has made us completely clean, inside and outside. At a Christian baptism, they put a person completely under water (or they put water on the person). Baptism is like a picture of the fact that God has made us clean. So the writer may be thinking about baptism at the end of this verse.

v23 We say that we believe Godís promises. And we must continue to be completely sure about what we hope for. God always does what he has promised. We can be sure because we know that. v24 We should think about how we can be kind to each other. Then other people will want to be kind too. They will really want to do good things, like us. v25 Some people have stopped going regularly to our Christian meetings, but we must not stop going there. Then we can help each other to be strong Christians. You should do this more and more, because the *Lordís great day is coming. You know that the *Lord will return soon.

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