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2 Timothy : About Paulís second letter to Timothy

This is Paulís second letter to Timothy. Paul was a great Christian teacher. He wrote this second letter to Timothy from a prison in Rome. Rome is the capital of the country that we call Italy. At that time, the *Romans were powerful and they ruled many other countries. They had made Paul go to prison because they did not like Christians. Timothy was a young man who had travelled with Paul on many of Paulís journeys. (See Acts 16:1-5.)

Some time earlier, Paul had made Timothy the leader of the Christians at Ephesus city. Ephesus was in the country that we call Turkey. When Paul wrote his first letter to Timothy, Timothy was in Ephesus (1 Timothy 1:3). And we think that Timothy was still in Ephesus when Paul wrote this letter to him.

We think that Paul wrote this letter at some time between AD 64 and AD 67. (That was more than 30 years after Jesus returned to God.)

Among the Christians at Ephesus, there were some people who were teaching wrong things. In his first letter to Timothy, Paul had told Timothy to stop those teachers. He told Timothy to teach the true Christian message. And in this letter, he tells Timothy to continue teaching it.

While he writes this letter, Paul knows that he will die soon. (See 4:6.) He wants to see Timothy again before he dies. (See 4:9.) Also, he wants Timothy to be ready for trouble. Timothy must remember that it is very important to obey Christ. He must be strong so that no troubles can stop him living for Christ.

We think that this is the last letter in the Bible from Paul. A short time after he wrote it, the *Romans killed him.

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