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2 Timothy 4 : Paul says that he will die soon

v6 Do this, because it is nearly time for me to die. It is time for me to be like an *offering to God, like the drink *offering that they pour out. Very soon, I will go to God.

Verse 6 Israelís people *worshipped God in a special house. They offered gifts to him there, and these gifts included *wine. They poured out the *wine when they offered it to God. (See, for example, Numbers 15:5, 7, 10 and 28:7.) Paul is saying that this drink is like a picture of himself. His life on earth will soon end. He has lived for God, and now he is ready to die for God.

v7 I have *served Christ properly, like someone who does athletics to win. I have finished everything that God wanted me to do. I have done everything, like a runner who has run to the end of the path. I have continued to believe God and I have obeyed him. v8 So now a gift is waiting for me, like the crown (a special hat) that a winner gets. The *Lord will make me completely right and happy. This will be like a crown that the *Lord will give me. The *Lord is completely right when he decides about people. And he will give me the crown on that great day when he does decide. He will not give a crown to me only. He will give crowns also to all the people who want him to come very much.

Verse 8 At that time, people often gave a crown (a special hat) to somebody who had won in athletics. So Paul is using the crown as a picture of what God will give his people. God will give a gift to everyone who really belongs to Christ. That gift is that we will always be completely right and happy. And we will live with him always.

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