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2 Timothy 3 : It is important for us to know the Bible

v14 But you must continue to believe the things that you have learned. You know that those things are true. Remember who taught you those things. v15 You have known the Bible from when you were a child. The Bible can cause you to understand how God can save us. He can save us when we really believe Christ Jesus. v16 Everything that the Bible says comes from Godís Spirit. And we can use the Bible to teach what is true. We can use it to tell people when they are doing wrong things. It shows them what is right. Also, with the Bible, we can teach people how to live good lives. v17 As a result, a person who lives for God can know how to live properly. He will have everything that he needs to do every kind of good work.

Verse 15 At that time, people would have known only the first part of the Bible, called the Old Testament. That part describes what happened before Jesus came to the earth.

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