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2 Timothy 3 : Timothy must follow Paulís example

v10 But you know everything about what I have taught. You know how I have lived. You know my purpose. You know how I believe God. You know how patient I have been. You know that I love God and other people. I have continued to work for God, even during troubles. You know that. v11 You know how people caused all kinds of trouble for me in the cities called Antioch, Iconium and Lystra. They hurt me very much. I was brave when I had such bad troubles! But the *Lord saved me from all these dangers.

Verse 11 See Acts 13:50; 14:1-6, 19-20. Timothyís home was in Lystra (see Acts 16:1-5).

v12 People who are united to Christ Jesus want to live for God. But certainly, other people will cause trouble for them. v13 Some bad people will cause other people to believe things that are not true. These bad people, and all other bad people, will become worse and worse. And they themselves will also believe things that are not true.

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