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2 Timothy 2 : A good soldier for Christ

v1 So you, who are like my own child, must continue to be strong. You must let God make you strong. He will be kind to you like this because you are united to Christ Jesus. v2 You have heard the things that I have taught. Many other people were with us when you heard those things. You must tell the same things to other men, who can teach well. You must be sure that these men are good and honest. Then they can teach those things to other people also.

v3 Be patient and brave through the troubles that we Christians have. Be like a good soldier for Christ Jesus. v4 A good soldier wants only to make his captain happy. So, that soldier does not let himself become busy with the things that other people do. He does only the things that soldiers do. v5 Also, someone who does athletics must obey the rules. He cannot win unless he does that. v6 A farmer works very much to grow plants for food. So, he should be the first person to get some of that food. v7 Think about what I am saying. The *Lord will cause you to understand everything.

v8 Remember Jesus Christ. After Jesus had died, God caused him to become alive again. Jesus came from Davidís family. These facts are part of the good news that I tell people. v9 And because I tell that good news, I have trouble. They have even tied me in a prison, like someone who has really done wrong things. But nobody can tie Godís message in a prison. Other people will still teach Godís message.

Verse 8 David was a great king of Israelís people, about 1000 years before Christ came to this earth. (See, for example, 1 Samuel 16:1-13 and 2 Samuel 7:8-9; 8:15.)

v10 So I continue to be patient and brave during all these troubles. I do this because of all the people that God has chosen. I do this so that they may believe Christ also. I do it so that God will save them by Christ Jesus. And they will live with God always, in the beautiful place where he lives. v11 Here are some words that everyone can believe:

  ĎIf we have died with Christ,

  we will also live with him.

  v12 If we continue to be patient and brave during troubles,

  we will also rule with him.

  But we must not say that we do not know Christ.

  Because then he will also say that he does not know us.

  v13 If we turn away from him,

  he will never turn away from us.

  He cannot do anything that is against his own nature.í

Verse 11 ĎIf we have died with Christí does not mean that our bodies have died. Christ died on our behalf, for everything that we do wrong. So, we do not need to die because of those things. But we do need to believe that Christ died for us. And we must give ourselves completely to him, because he is our master. Then he causes us to become like new people, who have started new lives. Our old lives have finished. So, we are like people who have died.

Verses 11-13 These words may be part of a Christian song that Paul knew.

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