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2 Timothy 1 : Paul tells Timothy to be a brave teacher for Christ

v8 So do not be ashamed of the message that we tell about our *Lord. Neither be ashamed of me because I am in a prison. I am here because I *serve Christ. Instead, be ready to have the same kind of trouble as I have. We have trouble because we tell people the good news about Christ. Let God make you strong when you have trouble. v9 God has saved us and he has chosen us to be his people. So, he wants us to be completely good and clean. He did not save us because of anything good that we have done. He did it because it was his own purpose. He did it because he is so very kind. He decided to be kind to us before time began. He decided to be kind by what Christ Jesus would do for us. v10 So now he has shown us how very kind he is. He has shown us because Christ Jesus has come. And it is Christ who saves us. He has destroyed death’s power over us. And he has shown that we can live with God always. We can have bodies that never die. He has shown that also. He has shown this by the good news that he brought.

v11 God has chosen me to tell this good news to people. He has sent me to be a special worker for Christ. He has chosen me to teach the Christian message to people. v12 That is why I have these troubles. But I am not ashamed, because I have believed Christ. I know him. He can keep safe what I have given him to keep safe. I am completely sure about that. He can keep it safe until that great day.

Verse 12 It is not completely clear what the second part of this verse means. It could mean ‘keep safe what I have given to him’. So Paul may be saying that he believes Christ to keep him (Paul) safe. Or it could mean ‘keep safe what he has given to me’. Christ had chosen Paul to teach his good news. So Paul may be saying that he believes Christ to keep that good news safe.

‘That great day’ means the day when Jesus will decide about everyone. He will decide what should happen to them after their death. He will decide that because of what they have done during their life on earth.

v13 You have heard true words from me. Let those words be an example to you when you teach. And continue to believe God. Continue also to love God and other people. You can do these things because you are united to Christ. v14 God has given you a good thing (the true Christian message) to keep safe. You must not let anyone change it. God’s Spirit, who lives in us, will help you to keep it safe.

v15 You know that almost all the believers in Asia have turned against me. They include Phygelus and Hermogenes.

Verse 15 ‘Asia’ was in the west part of the country that we call Turkey. At that time, the *Romans ruled Asia. Ephesus, where Timothy was the Christian leader, was the capital city of Asia.

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