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2 Timothy 1 : Paul thanks God for Timothy

v1 This letter is from me, Paul. God chose me to be a special worker for Christ Jesus. God sent me to tell people about the life that he has promised us because of Christ Jesus. We can live like this when we are united to Christ. v2 I am writing to you, Timothy. You are like my own child, and I love you. I pray that God the Father and Christ Jesus our *Lord will be very kind and very good to you. I pray that they will cause you to be without trouble inside yourself.

v3 When I pray, at night and during the day, I always remember to pray for you. And I thank God for you. My grandfathers *served God in the right way. They knew what was right or wrong. And they always tried to do what was right. And I *serve God like that too. v4 I remember how you wept. I want to see you very much, so that I may be completely happy. v5 I remember how you really believe Christ. Your grandmother, Lois, and your mother, Eunice, believed Christ before you did. And I am sure that you really believe him also. v6 For this reason, I want you to remember the gift that God gave you. He gave you that gift inside yourself when I put my hands on you. You must use that gift. You must make it grow stronger, like when a wind blows on a very small fire. The wind makes that small fire grow into a big fire. v7 Do this, because God has given us his Spirit. And his Spirit does not cause us to be afraid of things. Instead, he causes us to be powerful. He causes us to love God and other people. And he causes us to rule ourselves properly.

Verses 6-7 At some earlier time, the Christian leaders had put their hands on Timothy and they had prayed for him. (See 1 Timothy 4:14.) At that time, God had given Timothy a special gift. That gift must have been some special authority to be a leader and a teacher. That authority came from Godís Spirit.

Perhaps Timothy had been afraid to use that authority. So, Paul tells him that he must use it. He must be brave to teach the true Christian message. Then he will become stronger and stronger as a Christian teacher and leader.

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