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2 Thessalonians 3 : Paul asks the Christians to pray for him and for his friends

v1 Now, friends, we ask you to pray for us. Pray that, because of us, more and more people will hear the *Lordís message with pleasure soon. Pray that they will believe his message. So then they will thank God for it. That is what happened among you. v2 Pray also that God will not let very bad people cause bad trouble for us. Pray like that, because not everyone believes the message about our *Lord. v3 But the *Lord always does what he has promised. So, he will help you, so that you continue to believe him strongly. And he will keep you safe from *Satan.

v4 Also the *Lord makes us sure about you. We told you things that you must do. You are doing those things. And you will continue to do those things. We are sure about that. v5 We pray that the *Lord will help you to know him more and more. So then you will continue to understand more about how much God loves you. And he will cause you to be patient and strong, like Christ.

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