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2 Thessalonians 1 : Paul thanks God because of the *believers at Thessalonica

v3 You are like brothers and sisters to us, and we ought to thank God because of you always. We should thank him, because you are learning to believe Christ more and more. And each of you is loving each of the other Christians more and more. v4 As a result, we speak about you to God's other groups of *believers. We are so happy to tell them about you. You are showing how Godís people should live. People often cause you bad trouble and pain because you are Christians. But you are continuing to believe Christ. You are continuing to be patient and brave.

v5 All this shows us something clearly, about how God decides about people. God decides about people who die. He decides what should happen to those people. And he will always decide what is right for them. People are causing great trouble for you now because God is your king. So it is right that, as a result, you should live always with God and his people. And God will cause this to happen to you.

v6 God will do what is right. So he will *punish those people who are causing trouble for you. He will cause trouble for them. v7 God will also do what is right for you. You have troubles now. But God will cause you to rest and to be without trouble. You will rest, together with us, when the *Lord Jesus will come down from *heaven. He will come with his powerful *angels. v8 He will come with a very hot fire. And he will *punish those people who refuse to know God. He will *punish those people who do not obey the good news about our *Lord Jesus. v9 To *punish them, he will go on destroying them always. He will shut them out from where the *Lord is present. So, they will never see how very powerful, great and beautiful he is. v10 All this will happen on that special day when Jesus will come. On that day, Jesusí own people will show what great things he has done for them. All those people who believe him will say great things about him. And you will be among them, because you believed our message. You believed what we told you.

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