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2 Peter : About Peterís second letter

Simon Peter was one of Jesusí special workers. He had lived and worked with Jesus himself. We can read a lot about Simon Peter in the books called Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts.

This is the second letter that Peter wrote. Almost certainly, he wrote this letter between 35 and 38 years after Jesus returned to heaven (Godís home). That was at some time between the years *AD 65 and 68. Peter died soon after he wrote this letter.

Peter wrote this letter to Christians, who wanted to obey God. Some false teachers were teaching wrong ideas about Jesus and God. The false teachers wanted the Christians to believe those wrong ideas. So Peter wrote this letter to help the Christians. He wanted them to believe God, Christ and the Bible more strongly. He told them not to believe the false teachers. God would destroy the false teachers because they were so bad.

Also, Peter told the Christians to be like people who are watching carefully. They should be ready for Jesus, because he would certainly come back to the earth.

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