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2 Peter 2 : God punishes bad people but he helps good people

v4 Remember that God did not let the bad *angels go free. A long, long time ago, some *angels refused to obey God. And God *punished them because of what they had done. He threw them down into the deep hole where he sends all bad persons. And he will keep them in that dark prison until the day when he will decide about them. He will decide what should happen to them in the end.

Verse 4 Many, many years ago, some of the *angels who lived in *heaven with God did not obey him. So God sent them far away from him. See Genesis 6:1-4 and Jude 6.

v5 Also, a long, long time ago, God *punished all the bad people who lived in the world. God sent water over all the earth. So all those people who refused to obey him drowned in the water. But Noah was telling the people that they should do right things. He was telling them that they should obey God. So God saved Noah, and 7 other people.

v6 Also, God *punished the people who lived in the cities called Sodom and Gomorrah. God saw that the people there were doing very bad things. So, he decided that he must *punish them. And he burned those cities completely, so that only ashes remained. And so God showed what will happen to all bad people. He will *punish people who refuse to obey him. v7 Also, God saved Lot, who was a good man. Lot was very sad because the people in Sodom did not obey God’s rules. They did many, very wrong things. v8 Lot lived among those bad people. Every day, he saw the bad things that they did. Every day, he heard the bad things that they said. As a result of all these bad things, Lot became very sad, because he was a good man.

Verse 5 The story about Noah is in Genesis 6:5-7:24.

Verses 6-8 The stories about Sodom and Gomorrah, and about Lot, are in Genesis 18:16-19:29. Peter is showing that God will destroy bad people. But God will help people who obey him.

v9 We know that the *Lord has done all these things in past times. And these things show us certainly that he knows how to save his people. He will help those people who obey him. He will save them from troubles and difficulties. But he will *punish the bad people, who refuse to obey him. He will continue to *punish them. And he will keep them until that day when he will decide about all people. He will decide what should happen to them. v10 God will *punish very much those people who continue to have wrong sex. They do the wrong things that their bodies want to do. And those wrong things make those people even worse. Those bad people think that they do not have to obey anyone’s authority.

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