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2 Peter 2 : False teachers are bad and dangerous

v1 Many years ago, there were false *prophets (people who did not speak Godís true messages) among Godís people. In the same way, there will also be false teachers among you. They will teach wrong ideas that will destroy people. But they will say that those wrong ideas are true. Those false teachers will even refuse the Master, who bought them. And so they will cause God to destroy them quickly. v2 Many people will believe and copy the false teachers. So, those people will do very wrong things, like the false teachers. And, as a result, other people will say bad things about the true way that God wants us to live.

v3 The false teachers only want your money. So, they will tell things to you that are not true. They will tell those false things to you so that you will give money to them. A long time ago, God decided that he must *punish them. And he is ready to do that. Certainly, he will destroy them.

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