Fight in the Good War

An EasyEnglish Version with Notes (1200 word vocabulary) of Paulís First Letter to Timothy

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About Paulís first letter to Timothy

Chapter 1

Paul and Timothy

Paul tells Timothy to stop the wrong teachers

The purpose of Godís rules

Paul thanks Christ Jesus

Timothy must fight against wrong things in the *church

Chapter 2

Christians should pray when they meet together

Paul teaches about Christian women

Chapter 3

Leaders of the *church

Helpers in the *church

Chapter 4

Some people will stop believing Christ

How Timothy can be a good servant of Christ

Chapter 5

Paul writes about different groups of people in the *church


Leaders called elders

Chapter 6


Paul writes again about wrong teachers

How we can become really rich

Paul tells Timothy that he must continue to live for God

Rich people must be careful how they live

Timothy must continue to teach the Christian message

Word List


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January 2005

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