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1 Timothy 6 : Paul tells Timothy that he must continue to live for God

v11 But you are a man who lives for God. So, you must have nothing to do with these bad things. Always try to do what is right. Live for God and believe him. Love other people. Continue to be brave and strong for Christ. And be kind to people. v12 You must be like someone who fights a good fight. You must fight against everything that could stop you living for Christ. Then you will certainly live with God always. God chose you to live with him. And you said that you believe the true things about Christ. You said that when many other people were present. Those people heard what you said.

v13 God knows that I am telling you this. And it is God who causes all things to be alive. Christ Jesus also knows what I am telling you. Jesus spoke about these true things when Pontius Pilate was present. v14 So, I tell you this. It is your duty to obey what I have told you to do. Obey carefully and completely. Then nobody can say that you have done anything wrong. Continue to obey those things until our *Lord Jesus Christ appears. v15 God will cause Christ to appear at the proper time. God is good, and he is the only ruler with all authority. He is the Greatest King and the Most Powerful *Lord. v16 God is the only person who can never die. He lives in light that is very, very bright. It is so bright that people cannot go near it. No human person has ever seen God, and nobody can ever see him. Everyone should say always how great he is! He must rule always! This is true.

Verse 13 Pontius Pilate was a *Roman officer. He ruled the part of Israel called Judea at the time when Jesus died. Jerusalem city, where Jesus died, was in Judea. Pilate had to decide whether Jesus should die. Jesus told Pilate that he (Jesus) was the King of the Jews (Israelís people). But Pilate let Jesus die. (See Matthew 27:11-14; Mark 15:1-5; Luke 23:1-3 and John 18:33-37.)

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