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1 Timothy 6 : Paul writes again about wrong teachers

v3 Some people may teach things that are wrong. Those people do not agree with the true words that our *Lord Jesus Christ taught. They do not agree with what believers teach about how to live for God. v4 A person like that who teaches wrong things thinks wrongly. He thinks that he knows a lot more than anyone else. But he knows nothing. His mind is sick, so that he always wants to argue. He wants to quarrel about words. And so, people begin to want what other people have. People become angry with each other and they do not agree. They say and believe bad things about each other. v5 People go on arguing with each other. They do these things because their minds have become confused and bad. They can no longer understand what is true. They want to believe God so that they can get lots of money. That is how they think.

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