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1 Timothy 5 : Leaders called elders

v17 Leaders called elders who do their job well are very important to the *church. So, the *church should *respect them and it should pay them properly. Certainly, the *church must do these things for elders who speak God’s message to you. The *church should also do these things for elders who teach you. v18 The Bible says: ‘You must not put anything over a cow’s mouth when that cow is walking on the grain. You must not stop it eating some grain’ (Deuteronomy 25:4). The Bible also says: ‘You ought to pay a worker what he is worth’ (Luke 10:7).

Verse 17 Some people think that there was a difference between ‘elders’ and the other leaders. But they do not know what the difference was between ‘elders’ and the other leaders. Paul describes those other leaders in chapter 3 (see 3:1-7). They might be the same. Or elders may have been less important than those other leaders.

Verse 18 Grain is seeds that people use to make flour. People used cows to walk on the seeds. This made the seeds separate from the other parts of the plants, the parts that people cannot eat. While the cow worked, it could eat some of the seeds. Paul is saying that, like that cow, a good leader should receive something good for his work.

v19 Somebody may say to you that an elder has done something wrong. But you must refuse to listen unless two or three people say the same thing. v20 If elders continue to do wrong things, you must tell them not to do those things. You must tell them when everyone in the *church is present. So then, all the other people will be afraid to do things like that.

v21 I tell you that it is your duty to obey these rules and to teach them. God and Christ Jesus agree with what I am saying. The *angels that God has chosen also agree. You must not decide what to do about anyone before you know the facts about them. You must never be kinder to one person than to another. v22 Do not hurry to put your hands on any man to make him a leader of the *church. Perhaps that man has done something wrong. Then people might think that you agree with him. But have nothing to do with wrong things. Always do what is right and good. v23 Do not continue to drink only water, but drink a little *wine. Do this to make your stomach well, because you are ill so often.

Verse 22 ‘Put your hands on’ someone means to pray for that person.

v24 Some people do wrong things that everyone can see clearly. So everybody already knows that it is right to *punish those people. But other people do wrong things secretly. Nobody knows about those wrong things until they discover about them later. v25 It is the same when people do good things. Many good things are clear for everyone to see. But even when people do good things secretly, nobody can continue to hide those things always.

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