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1 Timothy 5 : Widows

v3 Help *widows. But only help those *widows who are really alone. v4 If a *widow has children or grandchildren, then they should help that *widow. Those children or grandchildren should learn, before anything else, to do their duty to their own family. They should do this for God. In this way, they can give something back to their parents and their grandparents. That is what makes God happy. v5 A *widow who is really alone has nobody to help her. So, she believes that God will be good to her. She continues to ask God to help her. She continues to pray, at night and during the day. v6 But a *widow who lives only to enjoy herself is dead to God. Even while she lives, her *spirit is dead. v7 Tell the people these things. So then, nobody can say that the believers are doing anything wrong.

v8 A believer should supply what people in his own family need. Certainly, he should do that for the people who live with him. If anyone does not do that, then he has stopped really being a believer. That person is worse than someone who does not believe Christ.

v9 Do not include a *widowís name in the list of *widows unless she is more than 60 years old. She must have been the wife of one husband. v10 People should know that she has done good things. She must have been a good mother to her children. She should have been happy to have visitors in her home. She should have helped Godís people. She should have been like a servant who washes their feet. She should have helped people who had trouble. She must have continued to do all kinds of good things.

Verse 9 There was a list of *widows who needed the *church to help them (for example, with food or money).

Verse 10 At that time, when people travelled somewhere, they usually walked. The roads were dirty and it was often hot. So, when they arrived at someoneís house, the travellersí feet would be dirty. A servant or a slave in that house would usually wash the visitorsí feet.

v11 Refuse to include younger *widowsí names in the list, for this reason: When they want to have sex, they will want to marry again. They will want to marry more than they want to be Christís servants. Then they will stop being Christís servants. v12 So, they will not do what they had promised earlier to do for Christ. They will be wrong not to do that. And God will know that they are wrong.

Verse 12 The *church helped *widows if their names were on its list. But we think that those *widows had to promise something. They had to promise to be Christís servant as a *widow. So, they promised not to marry again.

v13 They will also learn to be lazy. They will go about from house to house. And not only will they become lazy. They will also learn to talk too much. They will become busy talking wrongly about other people. And they will say things that they ought not to say. v14 So, I think that younger *widows should marry. They should have children. And they should *look after their homes. Then they will not give an enemy any chance to say bad things about them. v15 Some of the younger *widows have already turned away from Christ, so that they can obey *Satan.

v16 A woman who believes Christ should help any *widows in her own family. Then the *church will not have to do that work. So then the *church can help those *widows who are really alone.

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