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1 Timothy 4 : How Timothy can be a good servant of Christ

v6 You must teach the believers to remember these things that I have just said. Then you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus. You must continue to study the words of the Christian message. Continue to understand more of the true things about Christ that you have obeyed. Then you will become stronger for Christ. v7 But you must refuse to listen to silly stories that are not true. Stories like that are not from God. Continue to prepare yourself so that you live for God more and more completely. v8 A person may do sport to prepare his body to be strong and healthy. And that will help him a little. But if a person prepares himself to live for God more completely, that is even better. That will help him in everything. That person will live the kind of life that God has promised. This kind of life is not only for now, but also for always. v9 These words are true. Everyone should agree that these words are true. Everyone should believe them. v10 We work for God very much. We continue to work, through many difficulties, because we believe completely in God. We know that God is alive. And it is he who can save all people. Certainly, he saves everyone who believes him.

v11 You must teach everyone to do these things. v12 You are still young. But let nobody think that they know better than you because of that. Be an example to the people who believe Christ. Be an example because of:

·  What you say

·  What you do

·  How you love people

·  How you believe God

·  How you always do only what is right.

v13 Until I come, be careful to continue doing these things. Read the Bible aloud to the people. Teach them to understand and to obey the message about Christ. v14 Do not stop using the gift that you have. God gave you that gift when people spoke messages from God about you. And the leaders of the *church put their hands on you and they prayed for you.

Verse 14 God must have caused Timothy to be strong as a leader in a special way. That was the ‘gift’ that God gave to Timothy.

The Bible tells us that the Christians often put their hands on people. They did that when they prayed for people. (See, for example, Acts 8:17 and 13:3.)

v15 Never stop doing these things. Do them all the time. So then, everyone will see that you are becoming better and stronger for Christ. v16 Think carefully about how you live. And think carefully about what you teach. You must continue to do all these things that I have said to you. Then God will save you yourself. And he will save those people who listen to you.

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