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1 Timothy 4 : Some people will stop believing Christ

v1 But Godís Spirit tells us clearly that, in later times, some people will stop believing Jesus Christ. Instead, they will listen to bad *spirits who want them to believe wrong things. Those people will obey what these bad *spirits teach. v2 The bad *spirits teach through bad men. Those men seem to be good, but really, they are bad. They say things that are not true. Those teachers have stopped knowing the difference between what is good or bad. v3 Those bad teachers say that it is wrong to marry. They tell people not to eat certain kinds of food. But God made those foods for people who believe Christ. Those people know what is true. Believers should eat those foods, and they should thank God for them. v4 Everything that God has made is good. And we should refuse nothing that God has made. But we should thank God for everything when we receive it. v5 Then those things become good and clean for us to use. They become clean because we have prayed. And Godís word also makes them good and clean.

Verse 5 The Christians may have included words from the Bible when they prayed to thank God for food. ĎGodís wordí in this verse may mean that. The Bible says that everything that God has made is good. (See Genesis 1:31.)

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