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1 Timothy 2 : Paul teaches about Christian women

v9 Also, I want the women to wear proper clothes. Women should wear clothes that do not show their bodies too much. A woman should not wear clothes that cause other people to be ashamed about her. Women should not do their hair in an expensive way that takes a lot of time. Nor should they wear gold or beautiful stones or expensive clothes. v10 Instead, women should do good things. Christian women say that they live for God. So, it is right for them to do good things. This is what makes them beautiful.

v11 A woman should learn quietly when you meet together. She should obey the men who teach in the *church. v12 I do not let a woman teach men. And I do not let a woman take authority over a man. Instead, she should be quiet when the men are teaching. v13 I say this because God made Adam first. Then he made Eve. v14 It was Eve, not Adam, who believed *Satan. She believed the false things that *Satan said. And so she was the first to do what was wrong.

Verses 13-14 See Genesis 2:7, 21-23 and 3:1-6.

v15 But God will save women who give birth to children. He will do that if the women continue to believe him. Also, they must continue to love people. They must continue to live right lives because they are Godís. And they must always do what is proper.

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