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1 Timothy 2 : Christians should pray when they meet together

v1 So then, these are the most important things that I must ask you to do. Each of you should ask God to supply what others need. You must pray for everyone. You must ask God to help them. And you must thank God for what he has done for everyone. I strongly ask you to do these things. v2 You should pray for rulers and for everyone who has authority. You should pray for them, so that we may live our lives without trouble or danger. Then we can live for God. And we can always do what is right and proper in every way. v3 It is good that we should pray like this. And it makes God, who saves us, happy. v4 It makes God happy because he wants to save all people. He wants everyone to know what is true.

v5 There is only one God. And there is one person who brings God and people together. That person is the man Christ Jesus. v6 He gave himself on behalf of all people, to make them free. Jesus died at the time that God thought was best. As a result of Jesusí death, God showed that he wanted to save all people. v7 For this purpose, God chose me to be a special worker. He sent me to tell the message about Christ to those who do not belong to Israelís people. I must teach them the true things about Jesus. I must teach them what they should believe. (I am telling you only what is true!)

v8 In every place where you meet together, then, I want the men to pray. They should live right lives for God and they should lift up their hands to pray. When they pray, they must not be angry. Nor must they quarrel with other people.

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