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1 Timothy 1 : Timothy must fight against wrong things in the church

v18 Timothy, you are like my own child. This is what I am telling you to do. People spoke words from God about you before, and you should remember those words. They will help you to fight well for what is true. You must be like someone who fights in a good war. v19 You must continue to believe God. And you must always do what you know to be right. Some people have known what is right. But they have refused to do it. As a result, they have completely stopped believing Christ. Their lives as believers are like ships that have sailed on to the rocks. v20 Hymenaeus and Alexander are like that. I have given them to *Satan so that he has power over them. So then they can learn not to say bad things about God.

Verse 18 Some Christian leaders had prayed for Timothy at some time before Paul wrote this letter. (See 1 Timothy 4:14.) They had spoken words from God to Timothy. Perhaps God had said that he would make Timothy strong. Timothy needed to be strong so that he could be a Christian leader.

Timothy did not have to fight anyone and hurt them. Paul did not mean that. He meant that Timothy had to be strong for Christ. He had to live completely for Christ. He had to teach the true Christian message. That was how he could ‘fight’ against wrong things. (A very important way that Christians can fight against wrong things is to pray.)

Verses 19-20 Paul had told Hymenaeus and Alexander to leave the *church. He wanted them to become ashamed of themselves. Outside the *church, *Satan has more power over people. Paul knew that *Satan would not be kind to these men. He hoped that then they would learn to obey God.

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