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1 Timothy 1 : Paul thanks Christ Jesus

v12 I thank Christ Jesus our *Lord, who chose me to work on his behalf. He believed that I would continue to obey him. And he has made me strong. v13 Before he chose me, I spoke bad things about him. I hurt his people and I caused great trouble for them. I said and did very bad things against Christ. But he was very kind and he chose not to remember those things. He chose not to *punish me. He was kind because I did not believe him then. So, I did not know what I was doing. v14 Our *Lord continued to be very, very good to me. He caused me to believe him. And he caused me to love other people as Christ Jesus loves them. These things happen to us when we are united to Christ Jesus.

v15 Here are some words that everyone should believe. Everyone should agree that these words are true. ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save people who do wrong things.’ And I am the worst of those people. v16 But, because I was the worst, God was kind to me. He wanted Christ Jesus to make me an example. Christ showed, by me, how completely patient he is. Christ made me an example to those people who would later believe him. Then, because they believed him, those people would live with God always. v17 God is the King who will rule always. He can never die. We cannot see him. He is the only God. Everyone should say always how very great he is! Everyone should do that always. This is true.

Verses 12-17 Before Paul (Saul) became a Christian, he caused a lot of trouble for Christians. He did not agree with what Christians believed. He did bad things to Christians. He thought that he was working for God. (See Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-2.) But later he became a Christian. And so he thought that God was very, very kind to save him.

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