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1 Timothy 1 : The purpose of Godís rules

v8 We know that Godís rules are good, if people use them properly. v9 We also know this. God did not make those rules for people who do right things. He made them for people who refuse to do right things. Those people refuse to obey good rules. God made his rules for people who like to do bad things. He made his rules for people who do not *worship him. Those people do not want to obey God. Godís rules are also for these people:

  People who kill their fathers or their mothers

  People who choose to kill other people

v10  People who have sex with someone who is not their wife or their husband

  Men who have sex with other men

  People who catch other people and take them away to be slaves

  People who say things that are not true

  People who promise seriously to speak true things, but then they speak false things

  People who do any other wrong things. Things like that are the opposite of the right things that God teaches us.

v11 Those right things are part of the good news. This good news comes from God, who is so great and so good. God has chosen me to tell this good news to people.

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