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1 Timothy 1 : Paul tells Timothy to stop the wrong teachers

v3 When I was going to Macedonia, I asked you very strongly to stay in Ephesus. You must continue to stay there, because certain people there are teaching wrong things about God. You must tell them to stop doing that. v4 Neither should they listen to false stories. Nor should they always be studying long lists of their familiesí names from years ago. They should not believe that to study lists like that can help them. Those things only cause people to argue. Those things do not help Godís work. To do Godís work, people must believe him.

v5 Here is the reason why I am telling you to do this. I want people really to love each other. Only people who are good and clean inside themselves can love like that. Those people know the difference between what is right and wrong. And they try to do only what is right. People love properly only when they really believe God. v6 But certain people have failed to do these things and they have turned away from them. They would rather talk about things that mean nothing. v7 They want to be teachers of Godís rules. They seem very sure when they talk about things. They speak very strongly. But they do not understand what they are talking about.

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