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1 Thessalonians 5 : Paul’s last words in this letter

v12 Now we ask you, our friends, to remember how valuable your leaders are. They work among you and they *look after you. They teach you how you should live as the *Lord’s people. They tell you when you do wrong things. v13 Show them how valuable they are to you. And love them very much because of the work that they do. Do not quarrel with each other.

v14 Tell lazy people that they should work. Speak to those people who are afraid. Help them to be brave. Help those people who are weak. Be patient with everyone. Friends, we ask you strongly to do these things. v15 If a person has done something wrong to you, do not do something wrong back to them. Be careful that none of you does things like that. But always try to do good things to each other and to everyone else.

Verse 14 All the Christians at Thessalonica were waiting for Jesus to return. They thought that he would come soon. Some of them may have thought that they did not have to continue to work. But nobody knows when the *Lord will return. So Paul is teaching them about that. They must continue to work. They must go on living in a way that makes God happy.

v16 Always be happy. v17 Pray at all times. v18 Whatever things may happen to you, continue to thank God. God wants you to do this, because you are united to Christ Jesus. v19 Do not stop letting God’s Spirit work in you as people might put out a fire. v20 Listen carefully when people speak messages on God’s behalf. Remember that those messages are important. v21 But think carefully about everything, to see if it really is from God. Then be careful to remember and to obey everything that is good. v22 Refuse to have anything to do with any kind of bad or wrong thing.

v23 God causes us to be without trouble inside ourselves. And I pray that God himself will make you completely good and clean. I pray that God will *look after your *spirits, your *souls and your bodies. I pray that he will *look after you completely. Then you will be completely good and clean when our *Lord Jesus Christ returns. v24 God has chosen you to be his people. And he always does what he has promised to do. So, he will do this for you.

v25 Our friends, please pray for us. v26 Say ‘hello’ to all the *believers. Kiss them as you would kiss your brother.

v27 I tell you very seriously, on behalf of the *Lord, that you should read this letter to all the *believers. v28 I pray that our *Lord Jesus Christ will continue to be very kind to you.

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