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1 Thessalonians 4 : Jesus’ return and the believers who have died

v13 Friends, we want you to understand properly about the people who have died. So you will not be sad about them, as other people are sad about their dead friends. Those other people are sad because they have nothing to hope for, after death. v14 But we believe that Jesus died. We believe that he became alive again after death. So, we also believe this about the people who have died united to Christ. We believe that God will bring those people back with Jesus.

v15 We are now telling you something that the *Lord has said. We tell you this about the day when the *Lord will come. Those of us who are still alive on that day will not go to meet the *Lord first. We will certainly not go before those people who have already died. v16 On that day, God will shout with authority. Also, people will hear the voice of an important *angel. They will hear the sound of God’s *trumpet. And the *Lord himself will come down from *heaven. Then those people who have died united to Christ will become alive again. And they will rise first. v17 After that, those of us who are still alive at that time will go up. God will take us up to be together with them in the clouds. He will take us to meet the *Lord in the air. And so we will be with the *Lord always. v18 So tell these things to each other. So you will not need to continue being sad.

Verses 13-18 Timothy may have told Paul that the Christians at Thessalonica were confused. They may have been sad about their Christian friends who had died already. They did not know what to believe about those people. So, Paul wanted them to know that they would all live with Christ always.

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