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1 Thessalonians 4 : A life that makes God happy

v1 Now, friends, we want to say this to you. We taught you how to live so that you make God happy. And certainly, you are living like that. Now we ask you very strongly to continue to live like that more and more. On behalf of the *Lord Jesus, we ask you to do this. v2 You know what we told you. We told you what you must do. The *Lord Jesus gave us authority to tell you those things.

v3 What God wants is this: He wants you to be completely good, and separate from everything that is bad. So you must not have wrong sex. You must not have sex with anyone who is not your own wife or husband. v4 Each of you must learn how to rule his own body. So then you will always do what is right and proper. v5 You should not be like the people who do not know God. They are always wanting very much to have sex. They cannot stop themselves, because they want it so much. But you should not be like those people. v6 No man among you should ever have sex with a woman who is not his own wife. He would be taking something that is another man’s. So, he would be doing a wrong thing to that man, who is like his brother. The *Lord will *punish everyone who does things like that. We have told you this very seriously before. v7 God did not choose us to do bad and dirty things. He chose us to be completely separate from everything that is bad. v8 So anyone who does not obey this rule is not refusing to obey a human person. Instead, he is refusing to do what God says. And God gives you his Spirit, who is completely good.

v9 But I do not need to write to you about how you should love other *believers. God himself has taught you to love each other. v10 Certainly, you do love all the *believers in all Macedonia. But we ask you strongly, friends, to love each other more and more. v11 Try very much not to cause trouble for anyone. Be busy only with your own things, not with other people’s things. And work with your hands. We told you before that you must do these things. v12 Then, if you do these things, other people will think good things about you. People who do not believe Christ will think good things about you. They will know that you are honest and good. Also, if you do these things, you will not need anyone else to supply anything for you.

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